The Bio-Recycle group of companies specialise in creating innovative organic waste recycling solutions. These solutions incorporate a range of processes and technologies, and are built on many years of industry experience.

The aim of the group is to design responsible recycling programmes which maximise the return of valuable organics to the earth. The group is unique in that it is able to manage many types of organic waste materials from a diverse range of waste producers.

The groups two principal divisions are Bio-Recycle Australia Pty Ltd and Bettergrow Pty Ltd. Bio-Recycle and Bettergrow work hand in hand to complete the organic waste recycling chain.

Bio-Recycle is recognised as Australias first dedicated sludge management company. Over the past decade it has pioneered the beneficial re-use market for processed organics. Today the company has arguably Australia's largest commercial land application programme of residual organics.

Bettergrow has manufactured and supplied high quality bulk landscaping products for over 20 years. Organics are collected and composted from many locations around NSW utilising the company's fleet of distinctive transport vehicles.

Mission Statement
The Bio-Recycle group is Australia's first dedicated organic waste management company. To each project we endeavour to provide cost effective solutions that encourage the beneficial re-use of recycled organic products in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner.

The group provides services to many waste generators, and has clients in many industry sectors, including:

Food and beverage


Waste water Cattle feed lots


Landfill recycling

Waste collection services

Processes and Technologies
The group offers a wide range of processes and technologies to stabilise organics. Processes are chosen carefully in order to maximise the re-use of each waste. Within Australia, some of these technologies are available only through the Bio-Recycle group of companies.


Examples of technologies available from the group:

The N-VIRO SOIL Process
This is an internationally patented biosolids stabilisation process licensed to Bio-Recycle in Australasia. The process uses kiln dust materials and liming agents to pasteurise the biosolids. The combination of the organic matter and nutrients in the biosolids, and the lime within the alkaline reagents, results in a product beneficial to a wide range of agricultural, forest and land restoration projects.

Harmony Organic Fertiliser Technology
This patented technology produces a high integrity, slow release pellet or prill from organic waste. It combines organic waste and inorganic nutrients to produce a value-added fertiliser. The product has a higher nutrient analysis than other straight organic fertilisers, but only slowly releases these to the soil.

Bulk Composting
The group is able to compost most organic materials including unstabilised biosolids, factory food waste, animal manures, fruit and vegetable waste, green waste, timber waste and much more.

Soil Liquid Injection
Bio-Recycle's fleet of specialised Sludge Injection Vehicles are able to supply organics directly into the rooting zone of pastures and crops. Many liquid organic wastes are able to supply valuable nutrients and water.

Markets for Organic Residuals
The groups wide range of organic stabilisation technologies supply residual products to many markets. Within each market, the organic matter and nutrients are recycled back into the soil's ecosystem, rather than being wasted in landfills or polluting waterways.

Some of these markets include:

  • Agricultural and Horticultural Supplies

  • Mining and Forestry

  • Alternative Fuels for power generation

  • Landscaping and Garden Supplies

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