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Bio-Recycle was Australia’s first dedicated biosolids management company. Bio-Recycle has more recently diversified into the beneficial re-use of a wider organic waste stream including both liquid and solid materials.

Principal industry clients include food, beverage and poultry producers, wastewater treatment plants, cattle feedlots, and waste collection service providers.

Bio-Recycle provides management and transport solutions for the organic waste problems of both government and private sectors. Bio-Recycle is the Australasian licensee for a number of internationally patented waste management technologies.

These include the American N-Viro ‘sludge to soil’ technology, and the Harmony ‘bridge’ granulated fertiliser technology. These technologies complement both the land application programmes run by the company, and the processed products marketed by sister company, Bettergrow.

Bio-Recycle is vertically integrated within the organic waste industry. The company provides collection, processing and product marketing of organic residuals. Collection services include supply of tankers, bulk haulage and tippers and bins, with waste product able to be delivered to either company premises or picked up on site.

Processed materials are marketed by the company on the basis of their organic content and nutrients, and utilised in large agricultural, landscaping and land rejuvenation programmes run by the company. Bio-Recycle is also able to supply a complete range of analytical services for waste classification and beneficial re-use, and is actively involved in ongoing licensing and QA programmes with regulatory authorities.

Much of Bio-Recycle’s marketing of processed organics is aimed at large land rehabilitation programmes for both government and commercial organisations. Typically these involve restoration of lands which have been degraded following the removal of topsoil. Some of these have included rehabilitation projects for mining lands, whilst others have focused on slope stabilisation of steep embankments.

Biosolids, green waste, food waste, power station by-products and other waste products have all been used to establish sustainable pasture and tree ecosystems on these sites.

Bio-Recycle has completed many land rehabilitation projects within the coal mining districts of Narellan (NSW) and the Hunter Valley (NSW), the greater Ipswich area (QLD), as well as land restoration projects such as the Olympic Rowing complex at Penrith Lakes (NSW). Such was the demand for Bio-Recycle’s services in minesite rehabilitation, the company developed a proprietary product MineMix® specifically formulated for use in these rehabilitation projects.

Whatever the organic waste, Bio-Recycle is able to maximise its return to the environment as processed, valuable organic material, vital for sustainable land use of our country’s fragile soils.

At the same time Bio-Recycle offers its clients cost effective waste management solutions.

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