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Bio-Recycle and Bettergrow source and
transport various wood waste and green waste products to coal-fired power stations as alternative raw materials for combustion and power generation.

This market sector is steadily growing, with greater recognition of the calorific value these waste materials possess. Wood wastes are used as co-firing biomass in conjunction with coal to generate electricity. Products currently considered suitable for this market include uncontaminated soft and hardwood chips, sawdust, shavings and shredded material. All must be as dry as possible and free of paint, resin and CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenate) residues.

Since the introduction of the federal government’s green waste initiatives, this sector has expanded greatly and wood off-cuts from non-engineered and engineered timber products (plywood, medium density fibreboard, and particleboard) are now being utilised.

Shredded green waste and carbon-rich by-products in general may also be sourced by this market sector, depending on prevailing regulations within each state.