In all honesty, I drink a lot. It doesn't even have to be a weekend, and I'll find myself drinking, and a lot of the times I get drunk. Unfortunately, my behavior has affected my job, and it's gotten to the point, where I can't even get to work on time and took doctors document, on certain days. I've used all my vacation days up, and it's to the point where I've had to start using my sick days. I only have two sick days that I can use. I have a party coming up this weekend, and I knew I would get drunk. I've been warned many times about my behavior, by my friends, family members, and even people at my job. I've invited some people from my workplace to come to my parties, and many of them have seen me get drunk. Fortunately, the people who I work with, know to keep their mouths shut, and no one has outed me as being a drunk. They also have not explained to our boss, that my drinking is the reason that I end up missing so much work. I tried using form from a dr more often when i had to leave. As long as they keep my secret, then I will continue to do what I do.
I make no excuses for my behavior, because I have no shame in the fact that I like to drink. My only problem is, I can't miss any more work, and my sick days are almost all gone. I will have to turn in a doctors note, if I'm going to take any more time off work. In order to turn in a doctor note, we simply have to fill out forms at work, and attach the note to it, explaining why we've missed the time at work. It's easy enough to do, but getting the doctors slip is the problem. I have a great set of friends, and they gave me an example of where I could go, in order to find templates for a doctors note. I went to the site and found the template, and the sample was good enough to turn in as a real note from a doctor. I knew that my boss would accept it, and I decided to take advantage of it. Since I knew I would be partying all weekend, I wanted to take Monday and Tuesday off, so I made sure to turn in the note, before I took the weekend off. My boss actually believes that I'm sick this weekend, and it left me free to party, get drunk, and have a lot of fun. Yes, my lifestyle is irresponsible, but how can I say no to a keg of beer, some great music, and lots of friends? I can't, so I don't.